CORE’s Director of Research, Babak Javadi, will be showcasing some of his latest electronic attack techniques against a very common security platform that many of us encounter, even if we rarely make use of it… hotel room safes.           These safe products, often small and often “electronic” in some nature, all […]

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Those of you who follow news of physical security hardware development and are fans of interesting and unique locks are possibly already familiar with the “Forever Lock” product.  Popularized by an ex-pat living in Taiwan, where they are manufactured, LockMan28 has been selling these to interested parties via the internet and they tend to pop up from […]

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Black Hat 2014

Things are going great in Las Vegas this summer. Our Physical Penetration classes are full of very satisfied students, many of whom are experiencing the thrill of opening locks via new techniques that the have never tried before. Also, many of our popular Physical Penetration tools are featured in the Black Hat store.  Attendees are all asking […]

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