As promised in our earlier blog post about upcoming training opportunities, we are now revealing the updated and revised training kit that is issued to all students in CORE Group physical penetration classes.  This is not just a hands-on learning assortment, this is a beautiful selection of physical entry gear.  We’ve pruned down some of the more mundane items from our classroom kit (for example, if you want Master brand padlocks, you can source those yourself from any hardware store) and now we are including a whole litany of new attack equipment.

This kit will be retailing for $450 on our site soon, which is a pretty remarkable price for what it includes.  But students in our classes will be able to acquire this whole suite of tools and locks at near-cost, for $300.  (That cost will typically be incorporated in your registration fee when signing-up for training at most conferences.)  Making sure you’re well-equipped both in the room and afterward in the field matters far more to us than trying to squeeze out a profit margin on our classroom supplies.

Full description of the updated items follows below.

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Let’s start off with something that everyone always begs us for when we pass them around in class… Our Tubular Pick Tool.  Convertible between 7-pin or 8-pin operation, this is one of the nicest pick tools we’ve seen for Chicago a.k.a. ACE style locks.  No longer do students have to pass around one or two demo units in class.  Now everyone gets one.  Everyone tries one.  Everyone keeps one.

Gone are the small vice grips that we used to offer as a means to hold keys during impressioning.  Now all students are issued Framon Key Grip Handles… the most expensive item in the kit now, even surpassing the Swiss Impressioning Files (which are still given to everyone and at the same high quality as ever).  There is nothing like the feeling of a rock-solid grip on your key blank when you’re attempting to bind and mark the blade during an impressioning attack.  A $100 item, now included for free.

We’ve also added a whole array of bypass gear.  The American Lock Bypass Tool, the Adams Rite (a.k.a. Commercial Front Door) Bypass Tool, and a Mini Knife for either tiny latch slipping or manual decoding of multi-wheel combination locks are also now part of our kit.  The classroom materials will include hands-on time with them, then you get to keep them in your attack gear.

Our favorite new bypass tool, augmenting the Traveler Hook which is still present in our kits, is the Mini Jim.  A chopped-down variant of the classic Slim Jim or Shove Knife, this will work its way just fine into most door jambs when needed.  (this is not long enough for auto door work, and therefore shouldn’t run afoul of any laws in jurisdictions that restrict automobile tools to repossession agents.)

In the past, only students from our Law Enforcement or Restraints trainings were issued Handcuff Keys and Handcuff Shims.  Now you get one no matter which Physical Penetration or Physical Escape class you take.  (entry qualifications are still in place for certain trainings)

As you increase your skill at basic manipulation of our venerated practice lock set while using our acclaimed 12-piece pick kit or while you tackle the delicate and powerful art of impressioning, you’ll be mounting your practice locks in a new Polymer and Steel Lock Stand, clamped to your work surface.  (C-clamp is not shown but is included and is yours to keep.)

We’ve always included bump keys in our student kits… but now we’re throwing in the Bump Hammer to go with them.  Why?  Because we can.  And because you are going to want one in the field.

Our courses have also historically featured demo segments involving Warded Locks.  You saw them, you tried them, and then they were put away… along with the pick tools.  Not anymore.  Now every student is issued Warded Lock Picks to try and to keep.

A small additional assortment of new packaging and organizational gear will help you safely tuck away all of these tools in the Zippered Tactical Pouch in which they are presented to you now.  No longer merely an instructional kit, this is a field kit.  We are very pleased to say that you can walk out of our Physical Penetration courses now not only armed with the knowledge to tackle most of the locks you’re likely to encounter during security evaluations or entry jobs… but also the full array of tools you’d want when putting that knowledge to good use!

See you in class.


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