About Us

Who We Are

vx-3The CORE Group was initially formed by a trio of security auditors and researchers who had collaborated on numerous projects and conference events over the years. At present, their combined experience in the physical security sector represents decades of hard knowledge and applied work.

The CORE Group finds innovative ways to augment typical security auditing and assessment. Most companies incorporate digital penetration testing and web application testing into their standard procedure of self-assessment. The CORE Group offers a variety of packages that can greatly assist in a company’s understanding of their security posture at a fraction of the cost of larger, more “conventional” testing.

Meet Our Staff

Babak Javadi

Director of Research

Brian Rea

Director of Education

Chris Cochran

Chief of Dynamic Operations, Red Team Division

Robert Pingor

Chief Instructor, Law Enforcement Division

Stephen Beck

Engineering Specialist

David Ploshay

Marketing & Business Development

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