Mobile Devices in Hostile Environments

a1Lately, those whose work takes them to hostile or unsafe regions rely less on laptops and increasingly on mobile phones for most communication and coordination. Phones are smaller, lighter, more easily concealed, and can be replaced with less cost and hassle than laptops. Smartphones, when a mission allows, are among the most powerful tools that someone can have in the field. However, a stock phone can only do so much.

This training walks participants through the process of deeply modifying their smartphone to allow for strong encryption, off-device backup and restore, and even spoofing the data returned to apps when identifying data or GPS coordinates are being accessed. All participants are issued a brand-new Android phone (or they may provide their own) and walked step-by-step through every element of these advanced configurations and the installation and use of all tools.

Having a phone that can properly conceal your secrets and even spoof your location can be a fun trick when you’re stateside… when you’re in a foreign land and facing unknown threats, it can mean the difference between life and death.

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